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I didn’t know them or what their magic was, but I do now and it WORKS!  They do put the people in front of you.  It’s pretty amazing and I’ve had not nothing but a great experience  

Josh Holmes

Holmes Tree Care

Popular Hires



Typically have 2-5 years experience Climbing and are confident in their abilities to bring down any tree. 


Equipment Operators

Experts at operating Bucket Trucks, Spider Lifts, Chipper trucks, Bobcats, Skidsteers, etc.   


Crew Leaders

possesses the Tree Service AND leadership skills to be able to manage a productive and efficient crew.


Ground Workers

Usually the first person a tree service hires. Most of the time they follow the instruction of the crew leader and are new to the industry.


Sales Reps/ Estimators

An experienced salesperson will have the knowledge to accurately assess pricing and and sell work.  Most companies hire this person once they hit $1 Million in top line revenue and have too many leads to keep up with.


CDL Drivers

This person has a Class A or Class B Commercial Drivers License- Depending on the types of equipment your tree service owns.
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Our mission is to match tree service companies with the most talented and most professional tree workers, promoting industry growth and success.

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What our users are saying

"The best predictor of future performance is past performance." -Alex Hormozi
"I didn’t know them or what their magic was, but I do now and it WORKS!  They do put the people in front of you.  It’s pretty amazing and I’ve had not nothing but a great experience”

Josh Homes

- Holmes Complete Tree Care
Indianapolis, Indiana

"We tried ads on Indeed & local bulletin boards but it's always been a struggle to find climbers. BUT when we hired Chris Coco and Tree Service Media they delivered great results. Many of the applicants were quite good and we hired the best one which enabled me to put another crew on the road."

Ben Sandweiss

-  Sandweiss Tree Service
Hamden, Connecticut

"We had several applicants come through for us. We hired 4 QUALITY GUYS and I'm very happy with Chris and his team. If you're thinking about doing a hiring campaign, don't go with the bigger guys, go with Chris.”

Dan Brown

- Brown's Tree Service

"I am happy with that they did and I appreciate it very much. It was a SUCCESS! We got a climber that we like a lot and we were have no luck finding a climber before. So, whatever they are doing, they're doing it right.”

Eric Gale

- Emerald Tree Service
Seattle, Washington

"He helped us find a good Team-mate within a week. The way he goes about it strategically is a great fit for us, so we're going to continue to use him. Just wanted to HIGHLY recommend him and give my video review.”

Corey Lester

-  Lyndon Tree Care
Western Mass, Massachusetts

"Found me a Tree Climber within a week.  It set a new record for the FASTEST placement as his company, I really appreciate it. Chris is very easy to get along with and easy to get ahold of, and he came through in a timely fashion.”

Thomas Kapantas

- T&K Tree Service
Strongsville, Ohio

"Within few days of starting, we had some great applicants coming in. Within a few weeks we had hired our employee that we were looking for. If you're on the fence or looking to get some great applicants and a great crew, give Chris a call.”

Sean Tomei

- The Tree Bee
Portage, Indiana

"Tree Service Media was able to find a bunch of applicants for us. We were looking for a very specific person and they got us that person. They were able to filter them with some basic questions and find us very qualified people. For us Tree Service Media was very worth the money. We're super happy with the person we hired, and we would totally use them again.”

Deric Lewis

- Affordable Tree Care
Salt Lake City, Utah

”Once Chris & His Team got on board, it was a GAME CHANGER.  We had applicants flowing in immediately.  Definitely worth the service and their time.  WELL worth the money.”

Steve Kennedy

- Out on the Limb Tree Service
Seymour, Connecticut

“I had a big problem with recruiting. I tried Indeed, and all these apps but nothing seemed to work.  But Tree Service Hiring filled my pipeline and we found somebody that stuck with the company.”

Mattheau Villarreal

- Tree Of Righteousness
San Diego, California

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By having pre-trained workers, our clients are able to add extra crews and complete more jobs, faster…

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We eliminate 90% of the hiring process by recruiting and vetting candidates before introducing them to your company.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to match tree service companies with the most talented and most professional tree workers, promoting industry growth and success.

85% of our placements stay LONG-TERM.

We do 90% of the Leg Work by lining up interviews for you

““Saved US THOUSANDS in Lost Revenue””

“Most of our hirings stick for an average of 1+ year”

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30 DAY Replacement guarantee

If this person quits/gets fired early on, we will be replacing them free of charge. This does not begin until you officially on-board this person to your company, and they begin working
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