Our most commonly asked questions

How much should I pay my Climber/ Tree Worker?


1. It depends on 4 Things:

1. What are your COMPETITORS paying?  You NEED to be competitive to keep them LONG TERM.  Furthermore- The pay scale is going to be very different when you're comparing someone in California vs. Pennsylvania.

2. How many years of experience do they have?  Are they an ISA certified Master Arborist? Or do they have 2 years of experience. This is going to influence their pay scale.

3. How PRODUCTIVE is this worker? Do they have a good attitude?  

4. Do employees ENJOY working for you?  What does your work environment look like?  Employees are often willing to accept a lower pay rate to work somewhere they enjoy.

Can you help me find someone part time or a contract climber?


Right now we only work companies looking to hire full time.

When am I ready to hire?


Most of our clients decide to hire when they are turning away work or have a 4 week backlog.

Why would I hire you instead of using a hiring site?


We save Time & Energy by using our tried and true recruiting process. We eliminate 90% of the leg work involved in in hiring by scheduling calls with pre-qualified applicants.

What happens if my worker does not work out and how does your replacement guarantee work?


We have aa 4week replacement GUARANTEE so if the worker quits/ gets fired we will replace this individual for free. We will replace up to 3 people for this role.   The 4 week probation starts, the FIRST day our worker starts working for you. Not after payment.

How long does the process take?


We move quickly .  Our goal is to have someone placed within 4 weeks. The candidates we send your way have already gone through a thorough interview process. After conducting the your own interviews, you are welcome to put these people through a certain skill test 

Why do my employees keep leaving?


We find that companies that offer a 401K, Health Benefits, and Incentives to grow their career have LOWER employee turnover rates.

What happens after I apply?


If we have an opening near you, you will be contacted immediately and invited to meet the owner.  If we don't have anything near you, you are welcome to apply for other positions nationwide.  Just know that it may take some time to have an opening near you so please be patient :)

How much is the salary?


This depends on the position and the company. Most climbers & Crew Leaders start at $30/hr + depending on location and skill level.  It’s not uncommon for some climbers to make as much as $50/hr.  Remember…This is full time work so its different than making day rate as a contract climber.  Ground Workers start at $20/hr -$25/hr depending on experience, skill level, and location.CDL Drivers can usually start at $35/ hr depending on experience, skill level, and locationIf you are experience and have more certifications and higher skill level, you are welcome to ask for more money.  

Is there anything I need to pay TreeServiceHiring for?  


No, all we ask from you is that you are serious about the jobs you apply for and show up ON TIME!!!

Do you receive any commission from my salary?


No, we don’t take ANYTHING from your pay.  You will be paid directly by the Tree Service company the agreed upon amount.

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30 DAY Replacement guarantee

If this person quits/gets fired early on, we will be replacing them free of charge. This does not begin until you officially on-board this person to your company, and they begin working
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